Software Engineer

PHP / Node.jsAPI / AppsAmazon Web Services



  • I like to use Node.js in AWS lambda functions
  • I can use Laravel, Symfony and other PHP frameworks
  • I use database solutions such as MySQL, RDS and Redis
  • I use and build RESTful APIs
  • I compile CSS with modern preprocessors
Amazon Web Services
Zend PHP Framework
  • I like to web based single page applications (Apps)
  • I use or create graphics using editors such as photoshop
  • I use the terminal for git, AWS orchestration, CI/CD and server admin
  • I use Docker containers and unit tests for local development
  • I express requirements in Gerkin and test against them using Behat

My services

I am

  • Split 70% to 30% in favour of the server-side
  • Used to working in a Agile Scrum or Kanban team
  • Experienced in software development and release cycles
  • A creative photoshop user with interests in art and design
  • A beer loving, musician, father and family man

I know

  • A range of open-source programming languages and frameworks
  • Digital loyalty programs, campaigns and schemes
  • Version control, release workflow and deployment strategies
  • Domain knowledge for finance, social media, automotive and pharmaceutical industries
  • Server maintenance, software and infrastructure as a service

I can

  • Write and maintain modern, robust and testable computer programming
  • Write and maintain unit, integration and acceptance tests for quality assurance
  • Deliver sprint goals, refine stories and provide estimates
  • Provide Front and Back-end (API) design, development and maintenance
  • Integrate or build custom and product, digital solutions and services


In terms of "full stack" (both front/back-end or UX/server-side) development. I'd say, by ability, I'm between split 70% to 30% in favour of the server-side. I'm presently expanding my knowledge to serverless, terraform and CircleCI as means to provide another facet to my stack.

I come from Yorkshire originally where I studied in graphic, media communications (BA Hons). Beyond coding, I'm really interested in mind models and Physiology. My other passions are family, yoga and playing the guitar. I built this site in Next.js (React JavaScript), any feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading.