Software Engineer
PHP / Javascript    API Developer    QA / Automation Tester



  • PHP version 5 and 7

  • MySQL
  • I enjoy using Laravel, Symfony PHP frameworks
  • I know and use Zend, Yii and Wordpress
  • I compile LESS or SASS for CSS and I write HTML with SEO in mind
  • I use and build RESTful APIs suitable for AWS and GCP
  • I host static front end websites on Amazon S3
  • I use Composer and NPM for dependency management
  • Symfony

  • ZF
  • I enjoy using Javascript to create web based single page applications
  • I use Browserify or Webpack alongside modern task runners
  • I use GIT on the terminal with GitHub and BitBucket accounts
  • I use Docker containers for local development
  • I Behat, Gerkin, PHPUnit for testing
  • I use virtual machines for browser testing

My services

I am

  • Used to working in an Agile Scrum or Kanban team
  • Passionate about publishing and writing
  • A creative photoshop user with interests in art and design
  • A keen badminton and guitar player
  • The father of two children, whom I love dearly

I can

  • Write and maintain modern, robust and testable computer programming
  • Write and maintain unit, integration and acceptance tests for quality as
  • Deliver sprint goals, refine stories and provide estimates
  • surance
  • Provide Front and Back-end (API) design, development and maintenance
  • Integrate or build custom and product digital solutions and services

I know

  • A range of open-source programming languages and frameworks
  • Digital loyalty programs, campaigns and schemes
  • Version control, release workflow and deployment strategies
  • Social media and have domain knowledge for banking, automotive and pharmaceutical industries
  • Server maintenance, software and infrastructure as a service


I'm a highly experienced, agile and knowledgeable senior software engineer, with more than 10 years commercial expertise, providing both front and back-end development services for digital products on mobile, EPoS and desktop devices.