Full Stack Developer
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What is my stack?

my workspace
  •  I know and use Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Yii and Wordpress
  •  I compile LESS or SASS for CSS and I write HTML with SEO in mind
  •  By preference, I use Laravel PHP for RESTful backend APIs
  •  I host static front end websites on Amazon S3
  •  I use Backbone, Underscore and Marionette for web based single page applications
  •  I'm using ReactJS within a co-founded start up
  •  I compile with browserify or webpack alongside modern task runners
  •  I'm in the process of adopting Redux, Replay into my React work
  •  I'm an avid GIT user on the terminal with github and bitbucket accounts
  •  I use VMWare for browser testing and vagrant (homestead) for local development

My services

I am

  •  A self taught developer and co-founder of a start up
  •  An active member within a scrum based project development team
  •  A creative photoshop user with a passion for design

I can

  •  Write and maintain modern, robust and testable computer programming
  •  Provide Front and backend (API) design, development and maintenance
  •  Integrate or build bespoke and off the rack digital solutions

I know

  •  Version control, release workflow and deployment strategies
  •  Social media and have domain knowledge for banking, automotive and pharmaceutical industries
  •  Server maintenance, software and infrastructure as a service


I'm a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable senior developer with more than eight years commercial practice. My experience consists of a broad range of abilities between front and backend solutions for mobile and desktop users.

My main area of interest is currently in Facebook's ReactJS platform and their approach to application articture (FLUX). I'd like to build on some recent experience in this area.

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